Notes From the Show

09-02-12: The Republican National Convention

This week Ren mentioned the wresting of power by the establishment Republicans away from the rank-and-file within the party by making some last-minute changes to the rules at the Convention. Here’s the link to that article.

08-05-12: The Freedom Index

This week Ren mentioned the Freedom Index for U.S. Congressional votes. Here’s the link to the PDF of that Index.

07-29-12: T-SPLOST and Local Candidates

Here’s the article Ren mentioned contrasting Frank Ginn and Danny Yearwood on T-SPLOST.

Here’s the Audit the Fed song by Steve Dore that was the second break:

Here’s the video that played leading into the first break:

07-22-12: T-SPLOST

On Sunday’s show, Ren mentioned that if you wanted to see the full video of the Caitlyn Cooper T-SPLOST interview of which he played a clip, you could find it on YouTube by searching for her name and Good Day. Here is that video:

03-18-12: The National Debt

On the show this week, Ren played the audio of a YouTube video put out by the Heritage Foundation last year in an effort to explain the problem with the national debt. Here is that video:

02-26-12: The Reasons for Going to War

This week Ren played the audio from a YouTube video which featured clips from several Bush administration officials discussing the reasons leading up to the Iraq war, both before the war and after. The video is linked below, followed by a similar video.

There Are a Lot of People Who Lie and Get Away With It

A Symphony of Lies

He also referenced an article by Anthony Gregory on the administration’s use of “insinuation” to imply a danger that they could then deny having stated outright. That article is here:

Insinuation as War Propaganda

Another article by Mr. Gregory that Davis mentioned on the show (it’s actually the transcript of a speech) discusses the war record of President Obama as compared with President Bush:

On War, Obama Has Been Worse Than Bush

And finally, Sean Wheeler mentioned a couple of the videos he’s made in support of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust

You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy

01-29-12: Yargo Bike Fees and the Census Bureau’s Community Survey

On the show this week (and last week), Ren discussed the new fees the state is planning to impose for the riders of the bike trails at Ft. Yargo. To send your thoughts on this issue to the director of the GA State Parks & Historic Sites department, email

Today Ren also talked about the United States Census bureau and the American Community Survey. He mentioned the testing that was apparently done to determine the best way to get people to respond to the survey. While they now claim that responding to the survey is mandatory under the law, the PDF of the report on the test results seems to suggest that this claim may be simply marketing propaganda to get a greater response.

12-18-11: Censorship?

On the show this week Ren mentioned that other parts of the world get different copies of Time magazine than the U.S. gets. Is this just what sells in America, or is this a form of censorship? Click the image below to view in larger window.

Time Magazine Covers

11-20-11: Political Calculation, or, How Ron Paul Can Win Mathematically

Here’s the editorial Ren referenced regarding the astonishing number of Independents (the largest self-described voting bloc in the U.S.) who favor Ron Paul over Barack Obama, but who don’t favor the other Republican candidates over Obama.

Ron Paul Can Win on Arithmetic, Not Just Philosophy

11-13-11: Illinois Straw Poll and the Pretzel Candidate

Ren uncovered this interesting little item online. An Associated Press story about the Illinois Straw Poll, which was posted after the results were in, omitted some pertinent information. The only candidate not listed in the “among the candidates on the ballot” section is the one who won the poll, Congressman Ron Paul. Ren saw the story the next morning, and he took a screenshot to remember to talk about the media once again ignoring Dr. Paul. More interesting, however, was what he noticed when he checked again later in the week. Apparently the comments had made it clear that people weren’t happy with the article, so the post was back-dated to make it seem as if it had appeared while voting was still taking place. Take a look (click to enlarge):

Also mentioned on the show today was this opinion piece by George Will in the Washington Post referring to Mitt Romney as the Pretzel Candidate.


10-23-11: Tennessee Odd Laws

Ren mentioned a few different laws that Tennessee has recently enacted that strike the average person as a bit odd. He also mentioned the unconstitutionality of random vehicle stops. Here are the referenced articles:

Tennessee law bans ‘distressing images’, opens your Facebook inbox

Tennessee Makes Sharing Netflix Login a Crime

Random Vehicle Stops


10-16-11: Peter Schiff Testifies Before Congress

Peter Schiff is the President of Euro-Pacific Capital, and is extremely knowledgeable in the subject of Economics. He’s been interviewed numerous times throughout the past decade on CNBC, MSNBC, FoxNews, and CNN for his economic insights. He predicted the bust of the housing bubble and financial markets years before they happened. Last month he was asked to join a panel testifying before Congress on the overall economic situation and, more specifically, on the President’s recent “jobs bill” proposal. Here are links to just Mr. Schiff’s testimony and to the full hearing:

Just Peter Schiff, part one (part two available in link under video).

Full Hearing entitled “Take Two: The President’s Proposal to Stimulate the Economy.”


09-25-11: The End of CFC Inhalers

As a (mostly) former asthma sufferer myself, I would just like to say that this line from page 4 of the article sums up the entire problem with the government mandating that asthma patients use the new inhalers:

“To properly take the medicine from this inhaler, it is necessary to take a long, slow, controlled breath which is nearly impossible to do during an asthma attack.”

The phrase “nearly impossible” is a gross understatement. It cannot be done. That’s what an asthma attack is: a feeling like your windpipe has collapsed and a rapid struggle for quick, short breaths. Here’s the link to the full article Ren referenced.


09-18-11: The NFL’s Enhanced Pat-Downs

On the show today, Ren highlighted several topics:

He started with a discussion of the high rate of teen pregnancy in Barrow County, based on an article on page 2 of this week’s Barrow Journal. (Note: the Journal’s website doesn’t appear to have this article, but I’ve linked to the site in case it’s added in the future.)

Ren also discussed the expansion of enhanced pat-downs at NFL games. He referenced a court case involving a fan who sued the Tampa Sports Authority to get pat-downs stopped on Fourth Amendment grounds. The ESPN NFL site has an article regarding the 11th Circuit Court’s overturning of 3 prior rulings in favor of the fan. And here are links to a PDF of the preliminary injunction, and a PDF of the Duke Law Review’s article on the case. Ren also reflected on these invasive searches becoming more commonplace and the effects on our children’s view of what’s normal.

Ren commented on former Congressional candidate Jody Hice’s letter to the editor regarding Presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry, this weekend’s California Straw Poll, along with the collapse of Solyndra and the government’s involvement.



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